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foxronyo's Journal

21 September 1985
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For a while, I have always been interested in the animal kingdom. Since I found out that anime, (another of my interests), contained anthromorphs, my search for others of similar mind has progressed.

I arrived in Perth in mid-August, and have been busy settling in, so have had little time to investigate the presence of furry groups, but am glad to have found one.

Added upon the request of Jack_Wolf:

As you may have guessed, I am of kitsune descent, however, at some point during my family tree, the essence of dragon has entered the bloodline. It is, so far, unclear who is responsible for 'The Tainting', as my ancestors referred to it, but every so often an individual is born who can weild portions of the spellpool known as 'Dragon Magic', or 'Magicae Draconis' to give it its Latin term.

I'm not entirely sure what people what to know, and not want to know, about me. So, I may just leave it there. If there is anything you wish to know, e-mail me or catch me on MSN and I shall try to answer.